Thermal Scanning Station Rental in Singapore

Party Space is offer thermal scanning station rental in Singapore for events, office buildings, malls, interchanges and other high traffic locations. Our thermal scanning station detect fever fast and burst capture images automatically once the alarm is off! Staff will be able to identify the person immediately and stop the person from entering your premises.

Keep your premises safe by hiring our thermal scanning station today! Below are the different temperature scanning equipment rental we offer:

Thermal Imager Scanner Rental

Our thermal imager scanner comes with the standard camera view and thermal view. The scanner will detect a person with high temperature and capture the image automatically, so the authority or staff can attend to the guest with fever immediately. High temperature individual will also trigger a sound and light alarm.


Infrared Thermometer on Stand Rental

The most commonly used infrared thermometer on stand in Singapore are sold by our affiliate partner, DIF Solutions. This infrared thermometer on stand rental is cheap and effective way to detect a person with fever.


Auto Hand Sanitiser Dispenser on Stand Rental

An essential item for all premises and events! Keep everyone safe with our alcohol-free hand sanitiser that everyone can use! Including the muslim community and people with sensitive skin. There is no need to press any buttons, our auto hand sanitiser stand rental has an auto sensor where you simply need to place your hand under the machine!

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