Customised Claw Machine Rental in Singapore

Looking for customised claw machine rental in Singapore? Whether it’s for private party, roadshow or events, Party Space is here to help! We have done various type of customisation from a simple front header to a full machine wrap, our experienced technician can help with various customisation and installation!

Below is our new 2021 claw machine for sale and rental:

Customisation of claw machine

In every arcade, you’ll see this scene happening in a corner: patrons hunched over brightly-lit booths, waiting with bated breath as the metal claw of destiny descends into a stack of plushies. They’ll either burst into raucous cheers, or let out frustrated tsks before resignedly slipping another token into the slot. The claw machine craze is at an all-time high, and to fuel that, more claw machine arcades are popping up all over the country.

An attractive claw machine is the key to success! Party Space is here to help create that experience you want!

Customisation starts from just $100 onwards (excluding rental of machine), hire our arcade claw machine rental for your upcoming event with us today! Contact us

Looking for other arcade games rental in Singapore? Party Space has over 40 different arcade machines for you to choose from! Contact our sales assistant, Bella Chua +65 8699 6438, for more information.


Cheapest Prepacked Popcorn and Candy Floss in SIngapore

Looking for prepacked snacks for your upcoming event? Not sure what to get to fill your guest’s stomachs? Party People offers the cheapest prepacked popcorn and candy floss for your upcoming event in Singapore!

With the current pandemic that is happening all around the world, many places have turned to prepacked food and snacks for events to limit interactions between people. If you are looking for prepacked food and snacks, well… you are at the right place!

Party Space provides you with a wide selection of prepacked snacks that you now have it at your event! Starting from our well-loved prepacked popcorns that you can get a munch of and our sweet flavoured cotton candy that melts in your mouth.

Did you think that that was the end?

The answer is no! We have many more prepacked snacks such as prepacked hotdog bun where you can now seldom find in Singapore, prepacked Kacang Puteh or prepacked traditional biscuits where you can relive your old and gold childhood times munching on them after schools and everyone’s favorite dessert ice cream!

Party Space offers a wide variety of party services from live food stations to rental of arcade machines to ball pits to carnival games to flower wall.

To enquire our party services, contact our friendly sales assistant, Bella, for more information today!


Wedding Decoration and Rental in Singapore

In the midst of planning your upcoming big day?

Have great plans this year with a ” Yes I do”?

We have something for you! 

If you are looking for Wedding Decoration and Rental in Singapore to style up your wedding venue, turning it into your dream space on your dream day, we can make that happen for you. From balloon garlands to balloon arches to flower wall backdrops that will astonish your guests and make it a perfect venue on your perfect day.

If you are looking for small bites and snacks to fill your guest’s stomachs, we got that covered for you too! We have live food stations that your guest will be able to grab and give a good munch. Some popular live food stations that we have are popcorn live food station, cotton candy live food station and churros live food station that is commonly in demand when it comes to a wedding reception!

If you are looking to add to the elements of fun at your wedding, we have arcade machines that are customizable specially for you! Allow your guests to walk away with a gift through our customizable claw machine that you can rent on your big day.

From wedding decorations to wedding backdrops to food to entertainment, we have it all in our hands. All you have to do is to enquire with us today and leave everything to us!

To enquire our party services, contact our friendly sales assistant, Bella, for more information today!


Let’s Make This Christmas Different

As you roam around the streets of Orchard, you see the beautiful Christmas lights lit up and the Christmas trees being built and formed everywhere you go. Doesn’t it get your Christmas vibes on?

With Christmas approaching in just a month’s time, it means that it is time for our yearly gift-giving season! This Christmas, let’s make it different.

How though?

Surprise your loved ones with a Roving Santa Claus mascot today! I bet all of us have had that dream of receiving a present from Santa. Now, this Christmas you can now fulfil that dream of your loved ones.

Apart from our Christmas mascots available, we also have other mascot costume rental, and Christmas art and crafts items available for you to get crafty with your loved ones this Christmas! Ranging from food items to art and craft items to mascots to exciting games you can play with your loved ones this Christmas.

To book, contact our friendly sales assistant Bella for more information.



Why is renting a mascot a good idea?

What are the pros of renting a mascot? 

Firstly, renting a mascot allows you to capture the attention of the public and has been commonly used in events as it is a valuable and great marketing tool used to attract people to notice and know about your business or events.

Secondly, as you do not always use a mascot on a common basis and needs it only for a one time or limited time period, renting a mascot is cost-efficient and less costly than purchasing one. It can bring about the same benefits but yet at a lower and cheaper price range that is more affordable for you!

Thirdly, you do not have to worry about the maintenance, the setting up or the behind scenes of having a mascot for your event. All you have to do is to engage a mascot rental company and you will be good to go in having one for your event!

Party Space offers you a wide range of mascots you can choose from for your events. Be it for celebrative occasions such as Chinese New Year where we have the Cai Shen Ye mascot or for Christmas where we have our Santa Claus mascot or for birthday parties and other events, we have cartoons mascot up for rental!

Hesitate no more! Engage a mascot for your event with Party Space today! 

To enquire our party services, contact our friendly sales assistant, Bella, for more information today!


Popcorn and Cotton Candy The Way To Your Guest’s Heart

” The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach ” 

Ever heard of this phrase and find it so familiar? To all the foodies out there, don’t you agree with the phrase? A way to our heart is through our stomach, as long as it is good food, we will love it no matter what it is!

Now, you can catch these hearts of your guests with our live food stations! With our well-loved and top-rated popcorn and cotton candy station that is always in demand, we assure you that it will definitely be value for money. It will plaster smiles on your guest’s face with our tasty and appetizing food.

Popcorn Live Station 

Our crunchy and sweet flavored popcorns are the type that you know you can’t watch a movie without or you can not miss during a carnival. Our warm and freshly popped popcorns are served on the spot in a brown paper bag just like how you see it in a movie so that it will ease your convenience roving around.


Cotton Candy Live Station

Always queueing up for these cotton candy whenever you see it in events? Does it seem so fluffy and dreamlike that it appears in your teenage dreams or in cartoons you have seen? Our soft, fluffy and sweet flavored cotton candy is served on the spot on a chopstick for easy roving!

Good news! Party Space has these cotton candy and popcorn machines up for rental for your events! What is even better is that it is affordable and probably one of the cheapest you can ever find in Singapore. Our prices are inclusive of food supplies, delivery, manpower, equipment and the collection of equipment for the food booth. All in one price and there is definitely no hidden costs!

Looking for other live food booths? Party Space provides a huge variety of food ranging from traditional food to traditional drinks to churros and many more… Find out more on our website today!

To book our party rental, contact our friendly sales assistant, Bella, for more information.



Cheapest Carnival Games For Rental in Singapore !


 A traveling funfair or circus

Have you been stuck at home too long that you can barely remember how it felt going to a carnival? Or do you miss the word fun in a funfair?

Party Space is now offering you a chance to bring home these carnival games for you to play all day, every day! At your birthday parties, community centre events, family gatherings, school events or any other events.

We can bring the FUN in a funfair to you ! 

Some examples of the exciting and fun games we have are :


The Milk Can Toss

Remember having to aim really accurately to knock over the stack of cans in front of you in order to win a big prize? All the cling clangs you hear when you knock over the stack of cans?



Inflatable Dart 

The inflatable dart where you can hit the bulls eye with a bigger scale dart shooting range that you have always dreamt of playing?




Dunking Tank

The dunking tank where you can ‘ sabo’ your friends into sitting and then getting them wet and all drenched just by hitting the ‘ splash me ‘ sign ?





Battery Race Cars

And for our little ones.. Fret not! They are not left out in the fun, there are battery race cars where they can hop on and ride like an F1 racer!



The above are just 1 out of 25% of the other games that we have. We have games that cater to people from all walks of life and all types of preferences. These games are designed in such a way that  ALL will have a great whale of a time with and ALL will enjoy. From small-sized games that you can play in the comfort of your house or even rooms to big size inflatable games that you can choose to play at your event, we have it all covered.

Party Space is now putting all our cheap and affordable games up for rental so that you can rent anywhere and anytime and we will bring it to you wherever you are! We offer you the cheapest arcade and carnival game rental in Singapore that you will never find elsewhere and we promise, it is a great big deal!

 So.. Bring the game on! 

To enquire about our party services, contact our friendly sales assistant, Bella, for more information today!



Your Play All Day Arcade Dream

Love hitting the arcades over the weekends? Your favorite arcade machine is always packed with people?

We got your back! 

With Party Space, you can now not only play your favourite arcade machine without worries, but we will also bring the arcade machines to you! With over 40 different arcade machines rental to choose from, there will definitely be one that would be a dream come true to your ‘play all day arcade’ dream.

The arcade game machines we have comes from 3 different companies that we are working with and well… ” the more the better ” right? So, if you have an arcade machine you have in mind, we will definitely be able to have it for you!

Are you a dancing king/queen? 

Don’t worry, we have our Dance Dance Revolution ( DDR ) and Dance Central available for you to dance on air all day!

Or are you a racer? 
Fret not, we have the Daytona Deluxe, Hummer Extreme, Crisis Zone, Initial D for you to try out and race with your friends all day!

Or Are you a basketballer?

Not to worry, we have our arcade basketball machine catered to you basketballers out there! If you are renting it for your kid, then we have the kid’s basketball machine. And if you are an adult, we have the arcade basketball machine for you! Our machines sure do cater to people of all walks of life and all the different age groups.

Want something else? 

SURPRISE! Apart from the above that I have mentioned, from Claw Machines rental to Drum Mania, to Bowling, Dart Machine, Hockey, and many more we have it all covered! Bring our arcade machines home today for your birthday parties, family gathering, corporate event or just a simple family day at home!

Whatever your dream is, we will catch it like a dreamcatcher!

To enquire our party services, contact our friendly sales assistant, Bella, for more information today!



Traditional Live Food Station

Today, Party Space is here to introduce our popular live food stations to all foodies out there! Be it you live to eat or eat to live, we are sure that our traditional live food stations will never let you down in terms of our food selections and yummy recipes that are specially created just for you!

With all these said, we shall wait no more and show you our favourite traditional delicacies for your event!

Ding Ding Candy Live Food Station

Kacang Puteh Live food station

Traditional drink stall

traditional ice cream cart

tutu kueh live food station

Are you salivating already? So are we! If you still haven’t seen your favourite food stalls here yet, it is probably hidden here!

Party Space is a one-stop event planner where we can get all your food stalls done without having the need to outsource it all by yourself! Let us do you this favour, to save you from racking your brains.

To enquire more about our live food station, simply fill up the form below and we will reply as soon as we receive your form! Looking forward to create a memorable party with you! Discover the full list of live food stations we provide here!

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Cheap Arcade Basketball Machine Rental in Singapore

Who says parties are always the usual ballpits and bouncy castles? We provide more than just the usuals here in Party Space! Allow your guests to be engaged with one another with our basketball arcade machines. This arcade game is so popular among all ages that it is a must-have for your parties!

But wait, 1 is definitely not enough! Let’s make it two – basketball arcade machines to get the challenge going!


So, let’s get this party started in here, in Party Space! Get the balls rollin’!

Other than basketball machines, we do provide other arcade machines rental such as Air Hockey Arcade Machines, Claw Catcher Arcade Machines, Punching Arcade Machines, King of Hammer Arcade Machines and so much more! Basically whatever you name it, we have it! Here’s a full list of arcade game rental by Party People.


To enquire more about our equipment, simply fill up the form below and we will reply as soon as we receive your form! Looking forward to create a memorable party with you!

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