Cheapest Prepacked Popcorn and Candy Floss in SIngapore

Looking for prepacked snacks for your upcoming event? Not sure what to get to fill your guest’s stomachs? Party People offers the cheapest prepacked popcorn and candy floss for your upcoming event in Singapore!

With the current pandemic that is happening all around the world, many places have turned to prepacked food and snacks for events to limit interactions between people. If you are looking for prepacked food and snacks, well… you are at the right place!

Party Space provides you with a wide selection of prepacked snacks that you now have it at your event! Starting from our well-loved prepacked popcorns that you can get a munch of and our sweet flavoured cotton candy that melts in your mouth.

Did you think that that was the end?

The answer is no! We have many more prepacked snacks such as prepacked hotdog bun where you can now seldom find in Singapore, prepacked Kacang Puteh or prepacked traditional biscuits where you can relive your old and gold childhood times munching on them after schools and everyone’s favorite dessert ice cream!

Party Space offers a wide variety of party services from live food stations to rental of arcade machines to ball pits to carnival games to flower wall.

To enquire our party services, contact our friendly sales assistant, Bella, for more information today!

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