Party Animal Rides Rental in Singapore

Remember the good old days where your kids ride these cute little animal around the mall or an event? Here in Party Space, you can rent our party animal rides for your upcoming birthday party as well! These animal rides can carry the weight of an adult below 80kg, and it is safe for kids. There are two different types of animal rides we offer, the manual ride and the auto ride:

Auto Party Animal Rides Rental

These are the animal rides you can find in shopping malls around Singapore, ranging from $10 – $15 for a ten minutes ride. Kids love them! Auto party animal rides are powered by a rechargeable battery that is able to last 4 – 6 hours for a full charge! Surprise your kids by having one of these animal rides at their party!


Manual Animal Ride

Just as if the kids are riding a real horse! Manual animal ride is power by the up and down motion of a kid by stepping both legs on the paddle! These are great because it doesn’t require any charging point for the animal ride.


Are you looking for other carnival rides rental in Singapore? Carnival People provide a wide range of carnival equipment ranging from fun fair games to arcade machines… Find out more on their website at

To book our party rental, contact our friendly sales assistant, Bella, for more information.



Balloon Delivery in Singapore by Balloon Shop

Balloon Shop is a new online balloon delivery company in Singapore! Set up by That Balloons, the leading balloon company in Singapore, Balloon Shop offer more than just helium balloons delivery, but also personalised balloons and customised balloon sculptures!  Unlike many other balloon delivery in Singapore, balloon shop truly stands out with their customisable balloon sculpture delivery!

Unique Balloon Sculptures Delivery

Now you can send unique balloon flower bouquet, a floating big balloon cartoon head or even a personalised balloon for your loved ones. Balloon Shop work with some of the top balloon artists in Singapore with over 8 years of experienced in the industry. You can be assured they use the best quality balloons, done by professional artists, and deliver to your doorstep on time!

Same Day Balloon Delivery

Balloon Shop also offers same day balloon delivery as well! Simply contact their sales assistant through WhatsApp to check for availability.

Bulk Order Discount

Balloon Shop offers a bulk order discount for order amount more than $1000. If you are planning a big party or event, contact their sales assistant to enquire at

Lastly, balloon shop is extremely flexible when it comes to customised order. Their team do their best to make you feel special! For example, you can request the order to be sent at 12am for a birthday surprise, and their team will do their best to make it happen for you! Nonetheless, we are impress by their services and the extend of troubles they are willing to go through to send an order. Order a balloon gift for your loved ones today at



Disinfection fogging Machine for Sale

Party Space would like to introduce our disinfection fogging machine for sale in Singapore! Let your customers have a peace of mind when entering your venue. Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars hiring a disinfectant company, you can now purchase a commercial disinfectant machine instead! Keep your venue safe and clean with our affiliated Partner, DIF Solutions!

Disinfectant Fogging Machine

Unlike disinfecting misting and UV disinfecting, disinfectant misting can disinfect hard to reach area. UV disinfecting is unable to reach area that is blocking the lights from entering. Misting normally produces droplets around 200 microns in size. Because of its size the droplet will drop to the floor relatively quickly and may cause wetness.

Fogging produces a droplet so fine (around 10 microns) that it is able to remain suspended in the air until it evaporates. You can arrange for a free disinfectant fogging demo at your venue on


Disinfection Fogging Gate

Disinfection Fogging Fogging Gate is applicable for high traffic or fast moving traffic premises such as school, public transport, shopping malls, supermarket, office building and many more! Our disinfection fogging gate is child-safe, oral safe (safe even if accidentally consumed) and safe for sensitive skin!


Disinfection Fogging Spray Booth

Similar to disinfectant gate, disinfection fogging booth is great for a more thorough disinfecting on people when entering your building. Place it at the entrance of your premises such as hospital, office building, airport, cinema etc. A person needs to walk through 2m disinfectant fogging tunnel before entering your premises. Let your customers and guests have a peace of mind with our disinfection fogging booth today!


What’s the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?

Cleaning removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects. Cleaning works by using soap (or detergent) and water to physically remove germs from surfaces. This process does not necessarily kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection.

Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces or objects. Disinfecting works by using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces or objects. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

Contact Dif Solutions for more information here!



Arts and Craft Activity for Kids

With so many different party games and activities these days, Art and Craft activity is in our top favourite in Party Space! And here’s why:

  1. It does not only cater to the kids, but for adults too! With 1001 ways of working on a piece of your master piece, who is able to resist the fun of creating your own unique art piece? Do not forget to safekeep them!
  2. It helps in creativity! Do you know that by being creative helps you to be a better problem solver in our daily lives? So get your master piece started already!
  3. It is a healthy activity! Rather than allowing them to be so engrossed in their cellphones or devices, art and craft can be a source of entertainment for all of us too! Time flies after a wonderful piece of artwork made!
  4. It is cheap and affordable! We can still have fun without having the need to splurge! Furthermore, both your guests and little guests has a takeaway for your momentous event too!

With all the above mentioned, get your fingers moving to book your personalised art and craft workshop with us for your event now!

To enquire more about our Arts and Craft activity for kids, simply fill up the form below and we will reply as soon as we receive your form! Looking forward to create a memorable party with you! Discover the full list of art and craft package that we have in store for you here!

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New Carnival Game Booth Rental in Singapore

We are guessing that you are sick of the same old carnival games that you see at every carnivals that you have been to. So are we! Party Space have decided to bring in something bigger and better for you; our beautifully handcrafted new Carnival Game Booth rental in Singapore! These aesthetically pleasing game booths are meticulously crafted to create more fun and laughter at your carnival parties!

To make it better for you, we are having a special promotion to enhance your carnival experience with us @ $680/4 stalls, $980/6 stalls!

We are so damn sure that you will enjoy it as much as we do! Scroll down to be impressed!

To enquire more about our live food station, simply fill up the form below and we will reply as soon as we receive your form! Looking forward to create a memorable party with you! Discover the full list of carnival games that we have in store for you here!

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Carnival Rental Company in Singapore

We have a great news to share with you! Party Space is an affilliate partner with Carnival People that specialises in carnival rental in Singapore!

Who are they? Below are the few facts of Carnival People:

  • Carnival People is one of the top carnival event planner in Singapore
  • Have been in the industry for more than 5 years experience
  • Deals with small to large scale carnival events
  • Offers quality carnival experience that is engaging and fun
  • Event team is full of passion and are efficient


What do they offer? Carnival People will provide anything and everything! From arcade games, inflatable games, art and craft and even customisable game booths and live food stations! With their top notch services and high quality event equipment, we bet you will be coming back for more!

How can they help you for your carnival event? They are a professional one-stop solution carnival event planner with unique and creative ideas that’s for each individual clients that they have!

When do you engage them? Carnival People strive to incorporate fun and joy to your personalised carnival event! They do not just focus on managing events, they will provide a hassle-free experience for you too.

Where can you find them? More information can be found on Carnival People Website


Traditional Live Food Station

Today, Party Space is here to introduce our popular live food stations to all foodies out there! Be it you live to eat or eat to live, we are sure that our traditional live food stations will never let you down in terms of our food selections and yummy recipes that are specially created just for you!

With all these said, we shall wait no more and show you our favourite traditional delicacies for your event!

Ding Ding Candy Live Food Station

Kacang Puteh Live food station

Traditional drink stall

traditional ice cream cart

tutu kueh live food station

Are you salivating already? So are we! If you still haven’t seen your favourite food stalls here yet, it is probably hidden here!

Party Space is a one-stop event planner where we can get all your food stalls done without having the need to outsource it all by yourself! Let us do you this favour, to save you from racking your brains.

To enquire more about our live food station, simply fill up the form below and we will reply as soon as we receive your form! Looking forward to create a memorable party with you! Discover the full list of live food stations we provide here!

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Cheap Arcade Basketball Machine Rental in Singapore

Who says parties are always the usual ballpits and bouncy castles? We provide more than just the usuals here in Party Space! Allow your guests to be engaged with one another with our basketball arcade machines. This arcade game is so popular among all ages that it is a must-have for your parties!

But wait, 1 is definitely not enough! Let’s make it two – basketball arcade machines to get the challenge going!


So, let’s get this party started in here, in Party Space! Get the balls rollin’!

Other than basketball machines, we do provide other arcade machines rental such as Air Hockey Arcade Machines, Claw Catcher Arcade Machines, Punching Arcade Machines, King of Hammer Arcade Machines and so much more! Basically whatever you name it, we have it! Here’s a full list of arcade game rental by Party People.


To enquire more about our equipment, simply fill up the form below and we will reply as soon as we receive your form! Looking forward to create a memorable party with you!

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Cheap Party Venue Rental in Singapore

We bet you can never find such party venue in Singapore anymore! Rental at just $99/hour, Party Space introduce our first and only arcade warehouse party space concept at Woodlands.  Here’s top 6 reasons why you should rent our warehouse as your upcoming party!

Unique Space Concept

Arcade Warehouse is a hidden party space concept located in a new and clean industrial building, MEGA@Woodlands ! Take your guest and travel back to the past where these machines can still be found in various arcade around Singapore. Enter Arcade Warehouse, a perfect party venue for both kids and adults who love to play! From just 11mins walk away from the MRT Station, the warehouse is hidden just around the corner on level 6 beside lobby F.

Retro Arcade Machines

We have various retro arcade games such as Daytona, Basketball, Bishi Bashi, Crazy Taxi, House of the Dead, video arcade games and more! Do you have a specific arcade game you miss? Simply let us know and we may be able to help swap the arcade machine with the ones you love! (Terms & Condition apply)

Free-play on all arcade machines

Yes, you read it right… ALL arcade machines are on free-play mode. You can play as many times as you wish, and as long as you want to! Just be gentle with them as these machines are old.

Cheap Venue Rental

You can never find any other venue at such price with all these arcade machines around! At just $99/hour (minimum booking of 4 hours), there are no other hidden charges you need to pay anymore! (Unless you broke our machines)


Below are the facilities we provide, and we believe it’s all the facilities you would need:

  • Fully Air Conditional venue throughout your party
  • Free WiFi
  • Large Fridge
  • Table & Chairs
  • TV Console
  • Toilet
  • Loud speaker on tripod stand

Need more tables and stools for your party? We can arrange for you FOC! (Subject to availability)

If you require any special requirement for your party such as projector screen, microphone, removing of a few arcade machines, Table Games/Board Games, F&B Catering etc, simply contact our sales assistant to find out how we can help!


We provide a hassle-free party management service as well! Currently, we offer a few add-on party packages for our customers. As our space is fairly new, we are still in the middle of collaborating our party space with catering companies and party supplies. If you require anything for your upcoming party, simply let our friendly sales assistant knows and we may be able to help!

Find out more information of our arcade warehouse party space here!

To enquire or book our venue, simply fill up the form below and we will reply as soon as we receive your form! Looking forward to create a memorable party with you!

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Cheap Party Space Rental with Retro Arcade Machines

Looking for a cheap party space rental in Singapore? Look no further as we are offering our space at less than $100/hour! (up to 40pax). Take your guest back to the past with these retro arcade games such as Daytona, Pinball Machine, Video Games, Arcade Basketball, House of the Dead, Crazy Taxi and many more! With over 20 unlimited free-play arcade games to enjoy, you can be sure to keep your guest occupied for hours!

Here are a few photos of our Arcade Warehouse Party Space:

We are having our $350/4 hours rental promo price on every monday and tuesday!

Are you having your party on other days? Click on the link below and discover the cheap rental price we have to offer as well!

Arcade Warehouse Party Space

To book, simply fill up the form below:

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